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Open Channel Clinical Chemistry Analyzers- Unleashing the Potential

clinical chemistry open analyzer reagent optionsDid you know you have the ability to unlock your instruments potential and add assays that are not offered by your instrument manufacturer? This open channel capability allows you to expand your test menu beyond your instrument manufacturers menu. This added benefit allows laboratories to enhance their test menu offerings by bringing in higher volume send out and niche testing. (more…)

Clinical Chemistry: Why Pour Over?

In the field of clinical chemistry, most  manufacture instruments are intended for use with the manufacturer’s specific packaged and barcoded reagents. This is often referred to as a ‘closed’ system.

What some labs are not aware of is that their chemistry analyzer may not be a fully ‘closed’ system.

Why does it matter if your system is closed or open?

If your system is not a closed analyzer, it opens up the option for your lab to use ‘pour over’ reagents. This means you have the option to utilize open channels on the instrument to expand the menu for tests that the manufacturer doesn’t offer. (more…)

Helping Save Patient’s Lives: Diagnosing Sepsis

Sepsis was identified as the most expensive in-patient cost in U.S. hospitals in 2014, costing nearly $24 billion annually. Each year, over 26 million people develop sepsis, and it is responsible for the deaths of more than 5 million children. According to the Sepsis Alliance, severe sepsis takes the lives of 40% of those who contract it.

The Health Impacts of Sepsis
The Sepsis Alliance reports that – of those patients who survive – up to 50% are subsequently faced with post-sepsis syndrome. Sepsis survivors have a shorter life expectancy, can have a lower quality of life, and are 42% more likely to take their own life. Early detection of sepsis is key for ensuring survival and minimizing disability as much as possible. (more…)

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