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Direct LDL Testing- Why should clinicians routinely request measured clinical laboratory values of LDL cholesterol?

This year on World Heart Day (September 29th), the World Heart Federation is asking for a simple promise: Eat more healthily, get more active, and say no to smoking. But as you know, it’s vitally important to recognize every day, not just on World Heart Day, that cardiovascular disease (CVD) isn’t simple,LDL Cholesterol Testing and is the world’s number one killer: over 17 million people die of cardiovascular disease every year. What many people don’t realize as they go about their day-to-day lives is that this disease is in fact 80% preventable. That’s right—80%! (more…)

Automating RPR Syphilis Testing: Workflow and Patient Care Benefits

Automating RPR Syphilis TestingSyphilis: From Near-Eradication to Resurgence

When it comes to syphilis, most everyone has the same first thought: Wait, didn’t we solve that a while ago?

Syphilis was almost eradicated in the U.S., but is now on the rise – and it’s reaching 20 year highs.

Europe has also seen a resurgence of syphilis. According to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control: “With the widespread use of penicillin, syphilis prevalence had significantly declined after World War II. However, in several industrialised countries a considerable resurgence occurred in the late 1980s.” In fact, the UK has recently reported ‘a 12% increase relative to the year prior and the largest number of diagnoses reported since 1949’ (more…)

Methotrexate Testing: An Alternate Diagnostic Option

Discontinuation of Abbott’s MTX Assay Creates Urgent Need in Labs
Due to the importance of measuring Methotrexate (MTX) in Methotrexate is used to treat a number of serious conditions, including...patient healthcare, Abbott’s recent discontinuation of the TDx and TDxFLx FPIA Methotrexate assay has left many laboratories actively – and urgently – seeking an alternate testing option.

Why Run Methotrexate Tests in Your Laboratory?
While MTX is used to treat a wide range of conditions – from psoriasis to rheumatoid arthritis to a number of different forms of leukemia and cancer – it also possesses high toxicity.  Because of this, patients undergoing MTX therapy for cancer must be closely monitored for early detection of any toxic effects. (more…)

Open Channel Clinical Chemistry Analyzers- Unleashing the Potential

clinical chemistry open analyzer reagent optionsDid you know you have the ability to unlock your instruments potential and add assays that are not offered by your instrument manufacturer? This open channel capability allows you to expand your test menu beyond your instrument manufacturers menu. This added benefit allows laboratories to enhance their test menu offerings by bringing in higher volume send out and niche testing. (more…)

Clinical Chemistry: Why Pour Over?

In the field of clinical chemistry, most  manufacture instruments are intended for use with the manufacturer’s specific packaged and barcoded reagents. This is often referred to as a ‘closed’ system.

What some labs are not aware of is that their chemistry analyzer may not be a fully ‘closed’ system.

Why does it matter if your system is closed or open?

If your system is not a closed analyzer, it opens up the option for your lab to use ‘pour over’ reagents. This means you have the option to utilize open channels on the instrument to expand the menu for tests that the manufacturer doesn’t offer. (more…)

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