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Preparing for the Respiratory Season: Insights from Scott Adams & Jonathan Overbey at AACC Anaheim

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The AACC meeting in Anaheim was more than just a professional gathering; it was a testament to the healthcare industry's resilience, as reflected in the engaging conversation between Scott Adams from Share Moving Media and Jonathan Overbey, Corporate Alliances at SEKISUI Diagnostics. With post-pandemic events returning to full capacity, their discussion painted a picture of what lies ahead.


A focal point of Adams’ and Overbey's dialogue was the impending respiratory season. Indications from regions like Australia suggest a potential early onset. While its exact trajectory remains unpredictable, the evident surge in respiratory demands during the summer has prompted calls for robust preparedness.


Jonathan highlighted the introduction of SEKSUI Diagnostics new, OSOM® COVID-19 Antigen Test at AACC. With the persistent need for comprehensive COVID-19 testing, this product's timely addition underscores the importance of having a well-rounded suite of tests, especially as the respiratory season approaches. This arsenal should be equipped not just for COVID-19 but also for common ailments like Influenza A/B and Strep A.


For distribution representatives, Overbey's advice was succinct: initiate early stocking. Given the season's unpredictability, distribution reps must act preemptively, ensuring that healthcare accounts are well-supplied. Their role in ensuring a consistent supply chain cannot be overstated, particularly in anticipating potential spikes in demand.


In summary, the AACC meeting, as highlighted by Scott Adams and Jonathan Overbey's conversation, showcased both the strides made by the industry and the impending challenges. As the respiratory season draws near, the importance of preparation and collaboration has never been clearer.